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Tour 2017

Previous Dates

  • 17 Feb PAMPLONA
    Bar Subsuelo (GPS)
    Riquela Club
  • 24 Feb A CORUÑA
    Mardi Gras
  • 25 Feb VIGO
    Contrabajo Club
  • 03 Mar GRANADA
    Aliatar (GPS)
  • 10 Mar CÁCERES
    El Corral de las Cigüeñas
  • 11 Mar BADAJOZ
    Mercantil (GPS)
  • 16 Mar MADRID
  • 18 Mar MURCIA
    Musik (GPS)
  • 24 Mar BARCELONA
    Sidecar Factory Club
  • 25 Mar TERRASSA (Barcelona)
    Faktoria d' Arts (GPS)
  • 31 Mar SEDAVÍ (Valencia)
    Paberse Matao Club (GPS)
  • 05 May Alcalá de Henares
    Sala Ego Live
  • 02 Jun Bilbao
    Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria
  • 03 Jun Madrid
    Concierto Privado
  • 01 Jul Madrid
    Sala Tempo
  • 12 Ago Gran Canaria
  • 15 Ago Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz
    Gran Baba
  • 17 Ago Tarifa
    Café del Mar
  • 01 Sep Guadalajara
    Festival Gigante


Brought up in a musical environment of family jam sessions, it’s not surprising Zelada would develop his talents naturally.

In 2006 he completes a musical scholarship at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts where he receives recognition for best songwriting from Sir Paul Mcartney himself. He then moves to London where he sets up a band earning a great reputation within the live circuit, including a support tour for Amy Winehouse on her Back to Black tour.

In 2011, the self-released single "Breakfast in Spitalfields" becomes a national success, becoming the most aired song on BBC radio 2 only behind Adele. A year later, the album "High Ceilings & Collar bones" (Decca Records) is released, including the Itunes single of the week "The Blues Remain", which is also included in the BBC2 A Playlist along with 3 other singles in that album.

In 2013, he begins a crowdfunding campaign to release the EP “Follow the river” (2013) which wins the “European Border Breaking Awards” at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Holland, including a tour both in Netherlandss and Spain.

He begins 2014 traveling around South-America with his backpack writing a music blog called “Away with music”. On his return, he’s back in the studio with famous Spanish producer Carlos Jean to record the album “Back on Track” (2015), his first with the label MUWOM. Thanks to the success of the album, he makes a name for himself in the Spanish music scene, including great projects such as “The sound of emotions” with Audi alongside Carlos Jean producing. Towards the end of 2016 he collaborates with Spanish artist “Bebe” for Renfe national Spanish rail, with the project “Your story, your song”.